GlyphLibrary Icons

GlyphLibrary is a collection of 1600+ vector icons I continue to update and maintain.

Originally it started as an excuse to learn the ins-and-outs of Adobe Illustrator. It also spawned the creation of, a project I started with a friend to sell digital products.

The set was available in many formats - AI, EPS, XAML, PNG, SVG, PDF. I built & hacked together some custom Illustrator scripts to generate these various exports. As tools advance however, the need for all these formats waned & I decided to strip the set down to SVG. This also rekindled my enthusiasm for making the icons, as running scripts for an hour wasn't the most fun thing in the world.

Once I discovered The Noun Project and IconFinder, I moved the set to them. I uploaded all the icons to The Noun Project, and a few sets to IconFinder.

The icons perform well on these sites, and are downloaded over 15,000 times a month.

I no longer maintain the main set as a standalone product.

They're available to license on

If you're interested in custom icons, send me an email below!

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