Pallet is a project I started with Chris Boldon & Thomas Ager after finding it difficult to sell GlyphLibrary the way I wanted. Initially it was a simple, frontend-less service that facilitated a PayPal checkout process, but it’s grown into a fully featured project that we’re opening to the public.



Landing Page

We built a simple single page design with an animated header with a tag line that would change along with various images of users creating content. We didn’t want to sell the service, we wanted to sell the creative work behind the service.

We’re merely a middle-man, and we want to show customers we get out of the way so they can get on with doing what they love.

Backend interface

This is the Sign Up form. We need more information from the user in order to set up their account, but we collect the minimum here to eliminate friction. We instead use an onboarding checklist to get users to fill in their payment details (and also to encourage them to upload their first file, share it on various social networks, etc).

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is the center of the app. It’s where all the files are managed and uploaded. The sub-header has an area for contextual tips, which we’ll utilise across the app.

  • Warehouse
  • Inline Editing

    The file upload form has several editable fields which are edited simply by clicking on them.

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