MobiWire wanted a clean, simple & low maintenance method of selling their first UK handset, the Gemini, as well as packaging for said device.


Haofeng Xu, MobiWire UK

What I did

I spoke to Haofeng on Skype and we decided on a colour pallate, simple wordmark for the Gemini and what features we’d be highlighting. We discussed options for a backend, including Shopify, but decided the open-source PrestaShop better suited their needs as we could host & modify it ourselves.

What I did

The phone would never be sold in stores, so the box appeal wasn’t a huge factor in sales. That said, we wanted something clean and simple to extol the values of the device & give people a great unboxing experience. I designed the icons from scratch. I wasn’t particularly keen on using a QR code as they’re not really great at converting/aren’t very useful, but the Haofeng wanted one on the packaging. I also designed the internal leaflet for the device.


The website is a single-page (apart from checkout process) sales pitch. I highlighted the main features of the phone with some screenshots I modified to fit on phone renders I was provided with by Haofeng.

Checkout Process & Technical

  • I built this website with developer Carwyn Stephen.
  • In the checkout process, we attempted to up-sell micro-SD cards for the device.
  • We used PretaShop as the CMS for the site, and accepted Card, Google Wallet & PayPal checkout methods.
  • It was hosted by the client on Bluehost


We succeeded in building a simple checkout process that allowed MobiWire to sell their device with minimal maintenance.

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