Freelance Work

Here are some projects I worked on as a Freelancer.

Pallet is a project I started with Chris Boldon & Thomas Ager after finding it difficult to sell GlyphLibrary the way I wanted.

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HBA Hair Design

A fully responsive site for a local salon.

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MobiWire wanted a clean, simple & low maintenance method of selling their first UK handset, the Gemini, as well as packaging for said device.

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I designed the interface for buying and selling Bitcoin on BTCX.

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Rdio Controls

An open source project I worked on with Metronomik. Rdio used them for their Australian Hack Days.

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AvailableWhen? is a simple web service for freelancers to let people know when they’re available for work. It also allows potential employers to track users & get notified when they’re free for work.

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