Citrix GoToAssist

I'm based in the Citrix Copenhagen office, a designer on GoToAssist. I work alongside the incredible Podio and GoToMeeting Free teams, and I'm making use of my opportunity to learn everything I can from them.

Here are a few things I've been working on. Each project has an individual page where I explain in depth what we accomplished.

Unattended Machine App

GoToAssist is a suite of products that we’re working to unify. As part of this unification, we need to define a mobile strategy – and validate it. After some discussion with stakeholders, I worked with a product manager to define this concept app for Unattended Support (i.e. no human present at the endpoint) within the Remote Support use case.

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Concierge WebSDK

Concierge is an SDK our customers can embed into their mobile apps and websites in order to communicate with their customers. I was tasked with designing a flexible, simple interface for the WebSDK.

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Service Desk Onboarding

Take the existing user onboarding process and refresh it to be more educational, and ultimately drive more conversions to paying customers. I worked with a copywriter to put together clear steps for users to follow to complete certain tasks, PM's to define metrics to measure success, and learned some tricks about remote testing from the broader design team.

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