I'm a product designer for mobile & web, living in Copenhagen.

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Sketch Symbol Best Practices

Tips for high quality, consistent Symbols.

Automate archiving Spotify Discover Weekly & Release Radar

Use IFTTT to automatically create an archive playlist of the Spotify discovery playlists, so you never lose a great track you forget to save!

Adding Icons to Links

Using :before and :after, you can easily add icons to URLs on your site. I've put together a file you can download to get started quickly with the most common social icons.

Ripping And Organizing Long Music Mixes

I listen to long mixes a lot while I work, but they're scattered all over the web and I've forgotten about some great ones. Ripping and organizing them in Google Music is a great way to keep track of them.

Using Sketch Symbols to Create Material Quick-Guides

I often find myself creating quick-boxes to snap align stuff to, especially when designing for Material. Here I explain the idea behind using Symbols to create faster guides in your Sketch documents.

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